What is Mindfulness (正念)?

Mindfulness (正念) Defined by Thanissaro Bhikkhu (谭尼沙罗尊者)- ".. to keep the breath in mind. Keep remembering the breath each time you breathe in, each time you breathe out."
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“正念”- (Mindfulness in Chinese)
“正念是以一种特定的方式来觉察,即有意识地觉察(On Purpose)、活在当下(In the Present Moment)及不做判断(Nonjudgementally)”
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Mindfulness in Plain English by Bhante Gunaratana - "Mindfulness is mirror-thought. It reflects only what is presently happening and in exactly the way it is happening. There are no biases."
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  1. After merely eight days, I have become a diligent meditation practioner again. My definition of a diligent practioner is that besides working and social life, I am thinking and practicing the intense meditation more and more.

    At the second week's group meditation, I have noticed a huge improvement from the first week's meeting.

    Thanks to all participants.


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