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Six Months is Over: Momment of Truth?

By the time the 6 months commitment is over each yogi would have logged in 366 hours, 183 days or 26 weeks of meditation. Most important may be not how much but how much each has learned. Completing the course show fortitude and persistence that will benefit your path in a long run. Congratulations!!!!

Couple of notes for this post. In November 22nd, 2009, we will have another longer sitting. Do mark your calendar. The second matter is a group decision on future plan for the group. Many have expressed interests in continuing the group sitting. We will meet and discuss at the end of Nov 22nd sessions.

Highly recommended Book on Insight Meditation ...
Title: "Tree of Wisdom, The River of No Return" by Venerable Sujiva. Click here to download the book

Quot on mindfulness "... good states of mind described could easily come under three categories…