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Memorial 3-Day Retreat

3-Day Insight Meditation Retreat Great weather, beautiful surroundings of the American Boddhi Center and the guidance of Ven. Katapunno made for an exceptional 3-day insight meditation retreat for all those who attended.

For many, it was a first for meditating with a group. Focusing on intention and mindfulness for multiple days is no small feat for most of us, not just the newbies. But it was inspirational to see a relatively new group of meditatiors approach the meditation retreat with eagerness and dedication.

Lectures by Ven katapunno on understanding the different types of joy one may experience during meditation were insightful and helpful.

But one has to say that the one of the most poignant moments was when practitioners shared their thoughts and realized that they share the same hurdles as others do and that coming together to practice meditation as a group can be a great support as we strive to practice what we have learned.