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Purity of Heart (entire article)

Purity of Heart , Essays on the Buddhist Path
by Thanissaro Bhikkhu
(Geoffrey DeGraff)

Purity of Heart

During my first weeks with my teacher, Ajaan Fuang, I began to realize that
he had psychic powers. He never made a show of them, but I gradually sensed
that he could read my mind and anticipate future events. I became intrigued:
What else did he know? How did he know it? He must have detected where my
thoughts were going, for one evening he gently headed me off: “You know,” he
said, “the whole aim of our practice is purity of heart. Everything else is just games.”

That one phrase—purity of heart—more than intrigued me. It reverberated
deep down inside. Although I was extremely disillusioned with Christianity, I
still valued Kierkegaard’s dictum: Purity of heart is to will one thing. I didn’t
agree with Kierkegaard as to what that “one thing” was, but I did agree that

purity of heart is the most important treasure of life. A…