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Path to Happiness: Jan 26th 2013 1-Day Retreat

Happy New Year and yes it's time to renew the pursuit "Happiness". Come join us for the first meditation retreat at the American Bodhi Center (ABC) Saturday January 26th starting at 9AM.

No this is not and ad to entice you buy more stuff or go to see the world. These are all external stimuli that keeps us entertained but never completely satisfied. Because they not not last. I saw a poster and it tell of a man asking the Buddha "I want happiness" and the Buddha's answer is to take away the "I" that is ego and remove the "want" that is desire. Then we are left with "Happiness". TED video on "The habits of happiness" by Matthieu Ricard (

To arrange for car pool we have two locations:
- SW (near the temple) contact Judy Jeng and
- NW contact Josten.

No charge and donation welcome.

RSVP required for lunch,