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Intoduction to Mindfulness for Urban Living

If you know and may even have practice mindful meditation but feel may be you needed more.  This is might be for you if you are ready to commit to try.  The following story demonstrate the point that knowing and doing are two differentthing.Meditation instruction is very simple yet it it is not easy.  This introduction to mindfulness meditation program for urban living is design to help you to get started.
Story of the "Simple Truth of the World" A man seeking the ultimate wisdom of the world and search high and low for many years and to every corner of the world. And he is growing old.
Finally, when he was 80 years old, arrived at the door of the wise man then he asked: "What is the ultimate wisdom of the world?"
The answer comes from the wise man was "Do good and avoid evil."
Immediately, the old man responded angrily and shouted: "Why I searched high and low for a long time and every corner of the world for a wise word that even a child knows." …

Vipassana Meditation the Mahasi Method Explained

Vipassana Meditation Why people quit & tips on how to makes your a success
This is a discussion given during Sunday Jade Buddha Temple, English Dharma Group, so you are welcome to ask questions any time or leave a comment I this case. Also, in an hour we can cover one aspect of Insight Meditation so by no means an exhaustive discussion. Most of it are based my personal study and experiences of the past 20 years. I have been very lucky to find like minded practitioners supporting my journey. Without, this community, I might have stopped years ago. The other is that, is partly due to my self determination and effort, I have managed to participat in many retreats from 1-day up to 20 days. During these period, I have gone to at least one long retreats every year.
In this talk you will hear statement, like 'Insight Meditation requires mindfulness, alertness and ardency'. The statement is simple and direct but loaded with meaning. Or may be you have your own experience af…