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Third Meditation March 24th, 2012 & Suprise Birthday Party

We had a wonderful surprise party for Ven. K and our first video recording of the lecture- "In This very Life" (see link below). This is first installment of 4 videos, more to follow. Waiting to get your feedbacks and comments and suggestion in order to complete the other 3 videos. Ven. K also request that we post this video for private viewing. For those who is in hte TAB IMG email list you would have access and gotten an email today. For ohers if you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

1. TBA IMG 032412 Happy Birthday To VenKatapunno.
2. Lecture Video (1 of 4). 
3. Lecture Video (2 of 4)
4. Lecture Video (3 of 4)
5. Lecture Video (4 of 4)
(note: If you are interested to view the video, please contact us.)

Some of you have asked for the link to the beautify Metta Sutta Song by Imee Ooi (黃慧音).
1. Pali w English subtitle
2. Chinese 1
3. Chinese 2
4. Maha Mangala