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ABC 1-Day Retreat Jan & Feb 2015 Schedule

Saturday 1-Day Retreats at Bodhi Center  Jan & Feb 2015 Schedule Jan 03: No RetreatJan 10, 17, 24, 31: Conducted by Eng Chew AngFeb 7: Conducted by Eng Chew Ang (note: Feb 14 Eng Chew cancelled)
Format of 1-Day Retreat:
 - Standing/Sitting/Walking
 - Noon- Bring your own brown bag lunch
 - Dharma Talk/Q&A
 - Everyone is welcome to attend - See you there!

Note from Eng Chew Ang:
"See attached schedule that I prepared for the one day retreats.  I would like to focus the study on the Sutra of Hui Neng (the English translation of the Sutra is online).  I chose the great Buddhist Master Hui-Neng since he showed us a live example of an ordinary person who became enlightened by simply listening to one verse from the Diamond Sutra.  Also, he inspired me to deepened my practice after me reading the sutra when I was about 20 years old.  There are many great teachings we can learn from this sutra and I hope that all who read this sutra will be inspired by Hui-Neng to deepen th…

Four Foundation of Mindfulness Retreat 11/29-12/5 2014


Fall Edible & Medicinal Plant Trail Walk 2014

October 25th turned out to be a great day for the ABC Fall Edible and Medicinal Plant Trail Walk. This is a self-learning educational exploratory walk of the about 4 miles of trails at the American Bodhi Center (ABC).  There are total of 12-14 bridges that dotted through out the path in the center (trail map).

The group had an initial preparatory meeting in the dinning hall and started the day around 9:45 am. The following picture highlight the trail we took.  We had lunch around noon in the middle of the forest among cows and horses.  The relaxing day ended back in the dinning hall by 2:00 pm.  After cleaning up and pressing the the plant samples most departed around 3:00 pm.

Geared up and ready.
Lunch after a fun day!
Trail we took Oct 25th 2014 (in red)
The following are some of the edible and medicinal plants that we "believed" we have found and we have collected samples so that their identification can be confirmed.  We came across more than a dozen plants that has potenti…

1-Day Introduction to Zen Meditation (7/11)

The one day Zen retreat held at the American Bodhi Center was Saturday, July 11, 2014. The retreat was a great opportunity to experience this type of mediation. Many of us on there had never meditated in the Zen Tradition before. One of the differences noted about Zen tradition was that we would all move into walking meditation every 30 minutes. We walked for 10 minutes all together as a group and then we returned back to sitting meditation.

As we sat in our meditation positions, the teacher talked us through many Zen teachings. The teachings brought up all kinds of insightful thoughts for me. As a Buddhist it is always refreshing to learn a new way to meditate. I look forward to another Zen retreat sometime in the near future.

With Metta,

Memorial 3-Day Retreat

3-Day Insight Meditation Retreat Great weather, beautiful surroundings of the American Boddhi Center and the guidance of Ven. Katapunno made for an exceptional 3-day insight meditation retreat for all those who attended.

For many, it was a first for meditating with a group. Focusing on intention and mindfulness for multiple days is no small feat for most of us, not just the newbies. But it was inspirational to see a relatively new group of meditatiors approach the meditation retreat with eagerness and dedication.

Lectures by Ven katapunno on understanding the different types of joy one may experience during meditation were insightful and helpful.

But one has to say that the one of the most poignant moments was when practitioners shared their thoughts and realized that they share the same hurdles as others do and that coming together to practice meditation as a group can be a great support as we strive to practice what we have learned.


Samatha & Vipassana Meditation - The Right Balance

April 12, 2014 TBA IMG  Under the Beautify Tx Spring Weather at ABC 
As yogis, we sometimes have questions like;
where should I start? what is Samatha (Tranquillity), Samadhi (Concentration) and Vipassana (Insight)? Which on should I start first? What do the Sutta actually say about the 2 topics.Is Samatha same as Samadhi or Jhana?Sama-samadhi is the 4 Jhana, therefore Samadhi is same as Jhana? Is this correct?What do the Sutta tell us is the Function of Samatha and Vipassana.
Under the guidance of Ven. Katapunno, we listened to the 2007 audio lecture by Ven. Aggacitta's Dharma talk on this important subject of the basic understanding of the Buddha's meditation method.

What is Samatha and What is Vipassana (your understanding)?
Anguttara Nikaya (AN) 4.94 (The Further-factored Discourses Samadhi Sutta: concentration (Tranquility and Insight) ). {AN 4.94: Samadhi Sutta — concentration (Tranquillity and Insight)(…

One Day Saturday Meditation Retreat (4/12/2014)

Venerable Katapuno will lead the discussions on the practices and techniques of both Insight and Tranquillity Meditations.

** When & Where
This Saturday / April 12th, 2014
American Bodhi Center: 29123 Mellman RD, Hempstead, TX 77445

9:00 AM- What is Tranquillity (Samatha) Meditation? What is Insight (Vipassana) Meditation? Meditation Practice
12:00 PM- Potluck lunch, bring vegetarian dish!
1:00 PM- How to overcome problems of Meditation. Meditation Practice
3:00 PM- Support for Meditation. Meditation Practice

RSVP and indicate if you can bring a vegetarian dish.

7-Day Loving Kindness (Metta) Retreat

Opening the Doors to Happiness
With the thorough teaching approach by Venerable Kaizhao (開照法師) and Venerable Kaiyin (開印法師) and skillful English translation from Ven. Zhihan (智翰法師) many of the yogis experience first hand the benefits of Loving Kindness (Metta) Meditation.

Venerable Kaizhao and Venerable Kaiyin are well respect monastics from East Malysia Santavana Forest Hermitage (temple website in Chinese).  The 7-Day retreat covers extensive material from the fundamentals to the exhaustive practices of Metta Meditation.  The fundamentals  gave everyone a solid base of understanding, such as that expressing anger is healthy, missing the important point that often time we are the first causality of the acts of hatred.

Bhikshu Zhihan ( 比丘 智翰 ) provided effective instant English translation.  Venerable Zhihan is fluent in many languges including English, Chinese and more importantly Spanish.  For Spanish speaking people you can visti his web sites FUNDACIÓN BODHIYĀNA and Dharma Tran…

Notice: Meditation Retreat Schedule Changed for Feb 22 & March 2014.

The 1-Day Meditation retreat at ABC for Feb 22, March 1, 8, 15, 22 & 29 are temporary discontinued due to scheduling.  The 1-Day Meditation Retreat will resume in April, 2014.  Thank you for your understanding.

Four Foundation of Mindfulness Meditation Workshop March 8, 15, 22 & 29  Satipatthana Sutta or Four Foundations of Mindfulness is one of the 2 very important Sutta that the Buddha taught on the subject of meditation.  We are using videos, class material and guided meditation based on the teaching by Venerable Aggacitta's class (  Ven. Aggacitta is the Abbot of Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary ( and a well experienced monk both in meditation and Pali.

Contact us if you are interested in developing deeper understanding of meditation, interested to learn Pali and committed.  In order for you to gain full benefit you will have to commit to attend the entire course.

Workshop details:
Workshop website: ht…

FOOD: First IMG Retreat of 2014

Feeding the Factors for Awakening The Buddha taught, in the Ahara Sutta (SN 46.51) Food or For the Factors for Awakening translated by Thanissaro Bhikkhu, how to feed & starve the five hindrances & of the seven factors for Awakening.

In our first 2014 weekly Saturday 1-day retreat lead by Venerable Katapunno, the yogis got both "Food for the mind and body". 

Food for the Mind:  Dhamma lecture after sitting and walking meditation sections.

Food for the body: We had a delicious "hot pot" prepared by the wonderful kitchen members and volunteers at the center.

Venerable Katapunno preparing the Malaysian salad.

Come join the 1-day retreat every Sat of the week 9am till 4pm.  Do RSVP

2014 Metta Meditation at ABC

Mark your calendar for a 7 day meditation retreat February 2014 Seven day Metta meditation retreat lead by experienced masters Ven. Kaiyin, Ven. Kaizhao and Ven. Zhihan from 2/22 to 3/1 2014.  The masters will lead us step by step to develop soft, kind and forgiving heart and to achieve concentration, calm and peaceful mind.  Participation of all seven days is required.   Call the front office at 281-498-1616.
Date : 02/22 - 03/01/2014 Requirement: full course participation Download: Application Contact: 281-498-1616 Benefits of Metta: There are 11, some of them are: bright & pleasing complexion, sleeps & wakes easily with no nightmares, dear to human beings, animals & non-humans, protected by angels & spirits, gain concentration quickly, peaceful passing on.