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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

2010 TBA-IMG Meditation Audio Schedule

Audio files from Dharma Talks by Thanissaro Bhikkhu of Metta Forest Monastery

Group Title: Description [Date]
M1 Clear Sense of Priority: why practicing is important [12/19/2009],
M2 How to Save the World: karma, you are responsible for your actions, you are in charge [1/2/2010],
M2a A Small Steady Flame: patience with your effort, protecting your small spark [1/16/2010],
M3 Samsara: going around and around,
M4 Fires of the Mind: reasons extinguish the fires [1/30/2010],
M5 What we Noticed: [2/6/2010],
M6 Life in the Buddha's Hospital: discover your course cure [2/13/2010],
M7 Appropriate Attention: [2/20/2010],
M8 Luminous Mind: train your mind, catching greed, anger and delusion, [2/27/2010],
MA Taking Your Own Medicine: using meditation in daily life [2/27/2010]
S0M Food for the Mind: building strength, nourishing your mind, [3/6/2010]
S1a The Steadiness of Your Gaze: keep your mind where it is, [3/13/2010]
S1b Watching Over Time: building up skills,
S1c Wheel of Dharma: keep your focus forget about everything else,
S2 Elemental Energy: breath and energy, sensitivity to the breath
S3 A Pervasive Wellbeing: single pointedness & full body awareness
S4 The Best Work Around (Willingness to train the Mind): the way out
S5 Meditation not Mechanical:
S5 The Knife of Discernment: experimenting with your breath, making the mind strong
xP1 Progress & Regress (the mind training itself is also the mind needed to be trained): what do you do when things goes really wrong, never give up
xP2 Contentment: sharpening the skill,
xP3 Clearing a Space: our mind is chaos, be ready, use your discernment
xP4 Encourage Yourself : bring your mind to th e present moment
xP5 The Fool & the Wise Person: be someone who knows the difference
xP6 Strong & Heedful: conviction, persistent, effort, mindfulness
overcoming craving, heedfulness is deathlessness

Saturday, December 5, 2009

2010 Schedule (every Sunday)

Meditation group meets every Sunday starting at 7:00am in the Kwan Yin Hall at Jade Buddha Temple. This group is design primarily for everyone (beginners) who have been wanting to have a regular and stronger practice, so years of experience is not necessary. If are experienced, we genuine feel that you will find that your meditation deeper and richer.

As a Member of the group, everyone is committed to, in order to help nurture the habit of regular and deeper practice.:
- Sunday group meditation,
- 2 personal daily practices.

Contact us: questions and comments.

Six month report to Venerable Hung-I

Dear Venerable Hung-I,

We are happy to report to you that the TBA IMG has successfully completed the first six month class and the group has decided to continue with a minor changes. We are requesting your continuous guidance and support.

The changes include moving the day of meditation from Sunday to Saturday. One of the reasons to change to Saturday is so that we can have longer practices. We also would like to request to schedule Dharma sessions with you as your schedule permits. In our new 3 hours session, we have added a 5-10 minuted Dharma talk at the beginning. The place of practice will be at the Bodhi School Auditorium Grand Hall (still be in the Quan Yin Hall and move to the conference room when it is not available).

For the past six months we have consistently 10 and sometimes up to 20 people attending the groups practice. We renewing our a new six months commitment and plan to add a new one, which is to explain to 5 people what insight meditation is and keep doing it until one come to the group.

With Upaya,
Josten & Ken