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Monday, July 2, 2012

6/30- Importance of Walking Meditation & Interview

"Walking meditation develops balance and accuracy of awareness as well as durability of concentration." stated by Sayādaw U Pandita in Chapter 1 of his book "In This Very Life". I felt a good bit of us when we meditate we "sit" seldom do we pay much value to "walking" meditation. In actuality the Buddha taught four forms o meditation: sitting, walking, standing and lay down. Each has its function and benefit.

Sayādaw highlighted four benefits in his book(read more online- They are
1. stamina/physical strength- was important in the Buddha’s time since they do not have cars and it is pertenant to us today since we rely too much on cars and sit in the office all day.
2. to strengthen the capacity for that strong, consistent mental effort all yogis know is crucial to vipassanā practice 3. health- balance between sitting and walking contributes to good health, which in turn speeds progress in practice
4. assists digestion- keeping the bowels clear, minimizing sloth and torpor. It is especially useful after a meal or in the morning
5. walking builds durable concentration, the foundation for the sitting meditation

One of the important factors to help us on our Path to successful meditation according to the Buddha is good companion. One of these is a skillful teacher who has experience on the path and understand how we individually works, each of our strengths and weaknesses. Personal interview during retreat is one of this process that helps to facilitate the understanding between teacher and student. Sayādaw succinctly describe to us how best to accomplish this and help us in our progress.

What Occurred, How You Noted It, What Happened to It- “For all of these objects, indeed with any object of meditation, please report your experience in three phases. One, you identify what occurred. Two, you report how you noted it. And three, you describe what you saw, or felt, or understood, that is, what happened when you noted it.”

He also used the analogy of planting and caring for a garden and example of describing our experiences of describing an apple in his hand (read more-

Watch and listen to Ven. K's lecture on the above subjects (you need your email address and password)
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