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Sunday, February 3, 2013

A New Year Beginning Practice

A beautiful morning arriving at the American Bodhi Center and saw Ven K already waiting to greet us with his faithful companion, "Lai Mew".  For the next hour before people arrived we set around preparing and organizing the meditation hall and the computer projections for the afternoon class.

Yogi started arriving and more than 30 yogi came and practice meditation and listen to the teaching January 2013.  It is a strong showing for the beginning of the New Year.  May all be well and happy.


The sixth way of sharpening the controlling faculties is cultivating the factors of enlightenment: mindfulness, investigation, energy, rapture or joy, tranquility, concentration, and equanimity. These qualifies of mind, or mental factors, are actually the causes which bring about enlightenment. When they are present and alive in one’s mind, the moment of enlightenment is being encouraged, and may be said to be drawing nearer. Furthermore, the seven factors of enlightenment belong to what is known as “noble path and fruition consciousness.” In Buddhism, we speak of “consciousnesses” when we mean specific, momentary types of consciousness — particular mental events, with recognizable characteristics. Path and fruition consciousness are the linked mental events that constitute an enlightenment experience. They are what is occurring when the mind shifts its attention from the conditioned realm to nibbāna, or unconditioned reality. The result of such a shift is that certain defilements are uprooted, so that the mind is never the same afterwards. (src: direct quotes from the book)