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Common concerns with Mahasi method

There are two questions or doubts commonly associated with Mahasi method: 1. Observing abdomen, 2. Using labeling.

The following three quotes are the explanations for observing abdomen and using labeling.
1) "Satipatthana Vipassana" by Venerable Mahasi Sayadaw:
A simpler and easier form of the exercise for a beginner is this: With every breath there occurs in the abdomen a rising-falling movement. A beginner should start with the exercise of noting this movement. This rising-falling movement is easy to observe because it is coarse and therefore more suitable for the beginner. As in schools where simple lessons are easy to learn, so also is the practice of vipassana meditation. A beginner will find it easier to develop concentration and knowledge with a simple and easy exercise. ---

Outline of Basic Exercises
When contemplating rising and falling, the disciple should keep his mind on the abdomen. He will then come to know the upward movement or expansion of the abdo…