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Fall Edible & Medicinal Plant Trail Walk 2014

October 25th turned out to be a great day for the ABC Fall Edible and Medicinal Plant Trail Walk. This is a self-learning educational exploratory walk of the about 4 miles of trails at the American Bodhi Center (ABC).  There are total of 12-14 bridges that dotted through out the path in the center (trail map).

The group had an initial preparatory meeting in the dinning hall and started the day around 9:45 am. The following picture highlight the trail we took.  We had lunch around noon in the middle of the forest among cows and horses.  The relaxing day ended back in the dinning hall by 2:00 pm.  After cleaning up and pressing the the plant samples most departed around 3:00 pm.

Geared up and ready.
Lunch after a fun day!
Trail we took Oct 25th 2014 (in red)
The following are some of the edible and medicinal plants that we "believed" we have found and we have collected samples so that their identification can be confirmed.  We came across more than a dozen plants that has potenti…