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March 2013- 1-Day Meditation & Dana Offerings

1-Day Meditation Retreat March 23rd, 2013

Beautiful day at the American Bodhi Center (ABC), with more than 20 yogis practiced meditation under the guidance of Ven. Katapunno started 9:00am.  The day ended with a Dharma talk based on the book "In This Very Life" by Sayādaw U Pandita and Metta Sutta chant.

One of the many lessons from Sayādaw U Pandita's book is about happiness in letting go or simply living a simple contented life.

The story:
"... of a man who worked as a basket weaver. He was a simple man who enjoyed weaving his baskets. He whistled and sang and passed the day happily as he worked. At night he retired to his little hut and slept well. One day a wealthy
man passed by and saw this poor wretched basket weaver. He was filled with compassion and gave him a thousand dollars. “Take this,” he said, and go enjoy yourself.”

The basket weaver took the money with much appreciation. He had never seen a thousand dollars in his life. He took it back to hi…