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Notes from first 2012 meditation (01/06/12)

In the guidance of Ven. Katapunno (Ven. K), several IMG members had a wonderful first meditation session of 2012. We had 3 hours of meditation in the morning and another 2 hours in the afternoon amongst the serene surrounding of the Bodhi Center. In one of the sutta, the Buddha stress the importance of associating with true Dharma fellows as being the primrose importance in the Path of enlightenment.

In our first class, Ven K taught Right View or Right Understanding (sammā-diṭṭhi), from the Sutta that was dispensed by Ven. Sariputra with the Buddha's approval. Another one of our highlights, is the chanting of the Metta Sutta. Ven. K taught us the basics of Pali pronunciation and the alphabets, which was most helpful for chanting.

We have made several decisions yesterday, they are that
1. we will meet every third Saturday each month (instead of the first Saturday),
2. Ven. K will teach from the book "This Very Life : The Liberation Teachings of the Buddha" by Sayad…

"In This Very Life" Lectures by Ve. K