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Samatha & Vipassana Meditation - The Right Balance

April 12, 2014 TBA IMG  Under the Beautify Tx Spring Weather at ABC 
As yogis, we sometimes have questions like;
where should I start? what is Samatha (Tranquillity), Samadhi (Concentration) and Vipassana (Insight)? Which on should I start first? What do the Sutta actually say about the 2 topics.Is Samatha same as Samadhi or Jhana?Sama-samadhi is the 4 Jhana, therefore Samadhi is same as Jhana? Is this correct?What do the Sutta tell us is the Function of Samatha and Vipassana.
Under the guidance of Ven. Katapunno, we listened to the 2007 audio lecture by Ven. Aggacitta's Dharma talk on this important subject of the basic understanding of the Buddha's meditation method.

What is Samatha and What is Vipassana (your understanding)?
Anguttara Nikaya (AN) 4.94 (The Further-factored Discourses Samadhi Sutta: concentration (Tranquility and Insight) ). {AN 4.94: Samadhi Sutta — concentration (Tranquillity and Insight)(…

One Day Saturday Meditation Retreat (4/12/2014)

Venerable Katapuno will lead the discussions on the practices and techniques of both Insight and Tranquillity Meditations.

** When & Where
This Saturday / April 12th, 2014
American Bodhi Center: 29123 Mellman RD, Hempstead, TX 77445

9:00 AM- What is Tranquillity (Samatha) Meditation? What is Insight (Vipassana) Meditation? Meditation Practice
12:00 PM- Potluck lunch, bring vegetarian dish!
1:00 PM- How to overcome problems of Meditation. Meditation Practice
3:00 PM- Support for Meditation. Meditation Practice

RSVP and indicate if you can bring a vegetarian dish.