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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Training of the Mind: 2012 New Year Resolution

A few of the IMG members met severals days ago and decided that it is time to meet again. Starting January 2012 for every first Saturday of each month, IMG will join Ven. Katapunno's meditation class at the American Bodhi Center (ABC). RSVP by Wednesday next week (1/4/2012) if you are interested (email.

Ven. Katapunno was born in Malaysia and ordained when he was 21. He spent time as a monk in Thailand and Sri Lanka before coming to America. You might remember him last year when he lead IMG in a 15-day retreat. His meditation class at ABC is from 8:30 am to 4 pm. He is a wonderful teacher who can speak fluent English and Chinese and many people enjoys his Dharma talks.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

15 Day Retreat 2011 December 3rd to December 18th

The retreat was from Dec 4th to Dec 18th lead by well respected and beloved meditation master Ven. Seelananda. We had a total of 20 practitioners and some attended the full course while others were partial attendance. The first 7 days of the retreat Ven. Seelananda taught Anapana Meditation (Breath Meditation) and the remainder of the retreat he guided the teaching of vapassana (insight) meditation.

Bhikkhu T. Seelananda is a meditative monk living in US for about 10 years rendering a wonderful service by sharing the meditation technique of the Buddha (both Samatha and Vipassana). He is presently the Vice Abbot and Vice President of Bhavana Society Forest Monastery in West Virginia, which is the first theravada forest monastery in USA.

Bhikkhu Seelananda was ordained at the age of 11 and after completing his monastic training, received higher ordination in 1984 as a Theravada monk in Sri Lanka. He has successfully completed his university undergraduate - B.A. (Major - Buddhist Philosophy) and post graduate degrees - M.A. and M.Phil., in Buddhist Studies. Having understood the futility of having a PhD for a Bhikkhu like him, he gave up his PhD, practiced, and strived to develop his mind instead. He has also undertaken further training in Mass Communication, Conflict Resolution, Human Development, as well as courses in Japanese Language and Bible Studies while living in Sri Lanka.

Bhikkhu Seelananda is fluent in English, Pali and Sanskrit, which together with his excellent monastic roots is recognized as a dedicated monk skilled in the teaching of Buddhism and meditation to a wide variety of audiences ranging from novices to experienced practitioners.

In 2002 he came to North America to teach the Dhamma and meditation techniques and disseminate the word of the Buddha. Well respected and talented in teaching Buddhism and meditation in many different states in the USA and Canada he is rendering a great service to many seekers of Buddhism and meditation.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Retreat Registration

              活動期間(Time): May 25, 2012 7:00pm ~ May 28, 2012 3:00pm
      報名截止日期(Due Date): May 20, 2012
Those who attend the entire retreat will get the first priority. Participants, will get up at 5:00am and sleep at 10:00pm. Participants should observe silence, are not permitted to go outside the temple, make phone calls or send faxes. Please follow the daily schedule. If you are not able to attend the retreat after registration, please notify us as soon as possible, so that standby applicant can attend.
Birth Date:
Phone(W):(        )_______________     Phone(H):(        )__________________
   E-mail:_________________________              Fax# (         )__________________
靜修期間,緊急狀況之聯絡人                                               姓名                                        電話
In case of emergency, whom would you like us to contact?  Name___________________ Phone:(    )________________
  1.  你是否參加全程靜修活動?                                                                是 Yes □  否  No □
Will you attend the whole retreat?
  1.  如果不是,你願意參加那幾天?                                                         
If not, please circle the date you’ll attend.       __________________________________________________________                                        
  1.  你參加過德州佛教會的靜修活動嗎? 如果是,請寫出上次參加日期。
      Have you ever attended any retreat in this center? If yes, specify when was the last time?
是Yes □   否 No □      日期Date:________________________
  1.  你參加過其他道場的靜修活動嗎? 請寫出時間、地點和活動日數。
      Have you ever attended any retreat elsewhere? Please specify date, location, and how many days.
是Yes □  日期 Date:_____________地點 Place:___________________________日數 Days:________
否 No □
  1.  你現在服用任何藥物嗎?是否有高血壓、糖尿病 、心臟病等病症,傳染性肝炎,或其他健康問題? 如果是,請說明
      Are you under medication? Do you have high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, hepatitis or other disease?
      Specify if yes.
是Yes □ ____________________________________________________,否No □
  1.  費用:會員每日$20元/非會員每日$40元。
Fee :    Member $20/day / Non-member $ 40.00 /day
經本人謹慎閱讀 ,並了解此靜修法會之規則 ,本人完全同意遵守。
I have read and understood all the rules. I will abide by all instructions during the retreat.
簽名 Signature:_____________________________________ 日期 Date:_______________________

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Retreat Notes

May 26-28 2012 3-Day Insight Meditation Retreat
Welcome to the retreat. Please note the following:
1.  Check-in is on 5/25/2012 from 7:00pm to7:30pm. At 8:00pm on the checking day, there will be an orientation. If you cannot make it to the orientation, go to the administration office to check in and volunteers will assist you.
2.  During this retreat, please refrain from no direct contact with the outside world (noble silence, phone, email, fax, etc).
3.  During the retreat, we recommend that you take the Eight Precepts, so there will not be a formal
dinner. However, there will be food for you if you needed it.
4.  Please wear comfortable clothes, but no shorts, short sleeveless shirt, or tight clothing.  Warm coat and comfortable shoes for outside walking meditation, etc
5.  Please bring your toiletries and sleeping bags, pillows, sheets, blankets.
6.  During the retreat, please let us know if we could be of any assistance. If you are taking medication, please remember to bring it.
7.  Don’t wear jewelry or bring a lot of cash.
8.  If you have any special requests or questions, please contact the center(Tel:979-921-6969).
Thank you for cooperation
6969 Westbranch Dr. Houston, TX 77072  Tel (281)498-1616,2002  Fax (281)498-8133

Consent Form

同 意 書


1、我聲明對於菩提中心於     月份舉辦的    靜修所規定的住宿規則、費用、程序、應負的責任,及可能發生的意外事項與後果,均充分了解,並且願意遵守合作。
I CERTIFY AND ACKNOWLEDGE THAT I have had the opportunity to fully read the Camp Rules of American Bodhi Center’s  day Retreat (hereinafter to as “Retreat”), I HEREBY AGREE TO abide by the said rules. As a Retreat participant, I FULLY AWARE OF its cost, risks, obligations, procedures, benefits and consequences.
I AUTHORIZE the staff and/or agents of the Retreat to provide to, obtain, designate, or authorize any reasonable and necessary medical treatment and/or emergency care for me, in the event of my illness, injury or incapacity. I AGREE TO release and forever discharge, indemnify and hold harmless the American Bodhi Center, and/or agents from any claim by myself or my family members arising out of the said illness, injury or incapacity.
3、我了解於靜修期間,在菩提中心或其他任何醫療機構所接受的合理與必要的診治,其費用均由我本人負責。我的保險公司是       ,我的保險卡號碼是       
I UNDERSTAND THAT I will be responsible for any and all charges or fees for the medical treatment, provided either at the American Bodhi Center or at any other medical facilities, deemed reasonable and necessary by the staff and/or agents of the Retreat.  My medical insurance company is             , and my policy number is      .
BY PLACING MY SIGNATURE BELOW, I HEREBY IRREVOCABLY COVENANT, PROMISE AND AGREE TO release and forever discharge, indemnify and hold harmless the American Bodhi Center, any affiliated entities, and all of its officers, members, employees, agents, volunteers, and/or servants form and against any and all losses, claims, expensed, suits, costs, demands, damages or liabilities, joint or several, of whatever kind or nature, arising out of or in connection with my attendance and participation in the Retreat.
簽名/Signature        日期/Date