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October Special: Last Meditation of the Year (10/27) and Daily Insight Meditation

End of year 2012 is fast approaching. How have your practice been? This is the last retreat for this year. There will be a 7-Day retreat in November (11/21 to 11/28) and the 14-Day IMG retreat in December (12/1 to 12/14), So mark your calendar for the last 1-Day retreat Saturday, October 27th, 2012. Since this is the last retreat of the year, we will havea dana offerings to our teacher, Ven. K (Venerable Katapunno). If you like to make a dana offering but cannot make it on 10/27, just simply contact TBA IMG and specify the amount of your dana.

In Addition, for the month of October 2012, there is a daily Insight Meditation practice and Dharma talk on the "Anapanasati Sutta" (Breath Meditation) by Ven. U Vimalaramsi, one of the important Insight meditation practice for all serious isngiht meditators. The daily practice has two sittings one at 6:00AM and another 6:00PM. Dharma talk by Ven. Katapunno is at 7:00PM. All are welcome, just come whenever you can.