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Satellite Meditation Group- Houston Texas

Satellite Meditation Group (SMG)Supporting the establishment of a stress-free and happier living
SMG is a non sectarian meditation group of mindfulness practices. We focus on supporting each other in developing wholesome habits.  The Visions of SMG is to support each other to: build wholesome habits,learn and strengthen mindfulness skills.

We have 4 locations Northwest (NW), Southwest (SW), Katy and Inner Loop (IL).

1. Meditating with a group helps to develop a habit
It's easy to find excuses not to meditate at home. Joining a meditation group can provide the necessary encouragement and motivation for developing a consistent practice and help reinforce your daily practice.

2. Learning
New meditators can learn a great deal from those who have a practice, while experienced meditators can learn a lot from guiding and helping beginners

3. Getting feedback
You might find that other members of your group can help clear up any confusion you may have about meditation, help you f…